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26th-Aug-2009 09:14 pm(no subject)
I just saw the movie Watchmen. I've heard some negative comments about this movie but all I can say is.. I like it, it's a great movie. I like this particular line in the movie.... "My future becomes a little bit darker, while my past, even the grimy parts of it, keep getting brighter." Lots of catchy lines and kick ass action scenes. Another line that I really like is that one from Rorshach.... "I'm not locked in here with you.. you're locked in here with me!" Haha feels like I wanna be a dark superhero.
12th-May-2009 11:52 am - Writer's Block: When I Grow Up
Do you ever do anything now that you swore you would never do when you were younger? What is it?
When I was a kid I swore I would never eat ampalaya... Now I eat almost all green vegetables, except okra...
When I was a kid I swore I would never try smoking... I did, but now thankfully I'm an ex smoker

6th-May-2009 12:15 am(no subject)
I havent written on my journal for ages and I thought I have forgotten my password when I was logging in to my account. Oh well Im still here and thankfully i recalled my password. Lets see, ( rubbing my chin and listening to Saves the Day ) what will I write today? My last entry way way back was about finishing my painting and I still have'nt uploaded it here or on my friendster account, how lazy can I get.

I am lifting weights again, been doing it for a couple of weeks now, Batista you are my inspiration, im gonna be as big as you just you wait hehehe. All my life I've been slim and thin and I am committed to change that. Enough is enough, I want to change my physique and what I need is a strict and disciplined routine. That is the key and it really is time for a major change or shall we say, a major overhaul. I want to surprise everyone when they see me again, I wanna hear them say... Mike is that you?

Lifting weights is making me want to eat. Well, later ulit.... ciao!
6th-Jan-2009 08:35 am - Osnat-ism
I just woke up... its 8 in the morning and the very first thing that caught my eye was my half finished painting. I started it yesterday and I painted non-stop the whole afternoon until 1am last night. Im not that good but I think I'm doin an ok job. When Im finished with it Im gonna hang it in my bedroom, then I'm gonna make a bigger one... an abstract painting Osnat Tzadok style. Im gonna continue painting later and maybe the whole day... if I dont get too burned out. When its finished I'll post it here in my journal.
27th-Dec-2008 01:59 pm - gloomy day
I feel shitty today, its gloomy, the sun is not out... its cold. I hate cold. I dont swim when theres no sun, i only swim when its bright and sunny. Hah! I wanna go back to Paranaque, im still here in galera and it is so boring.

I jus watched two documentaries today.. Religolous and  A Complete History of My Sexual Frustrations. Religolous is very entertaining and thought provoking but it doesn't change any of my views about my faith. I am not a religious person but I do hold on to my faith and I still believe that a higher being is up there bringing order and balance to our chaotic existence. The other docu.. A Complete History.. is a very funny documentary, it's about a guy who made a docu about his love and sex life and why he gets dumped by all the girls he has relationships with. Oh well.. when your bored you can watch anything..
20th-Sep-2008 01:17 pm - YOU AND ME.. WE ARE ALL STARDUST

I like to watch The Universe on the History channel. I'm very much interested with space and planets that I easily get hooked on those kinds of program. The topic was that the scientist believe there are other universe aside from ours. Imagine how big our universe is, there must be trillions of planets out there, but another universe... my mind is still trying to grasp the enormity of it all. If there are other universes, there really is a possibility that there exists another world completely the same as ours. Infinite possibilities my friend.

What if there really are multiple universe, and there exist worlds exactly like ours and I have another "me" in those worlds. And then I buy a lotto ticket, the odds of getting the right number is a million to one, right? Now, what if the number of worlds exactly like ours is almost infinite, quadrillions or maybe more... then I could have won that winning lotto number on that other world. Correction, I did win the lotto but not in my world or in this universe. I just hope the winning combination chooses this universe next time.

Scientist says that the largest black holes are almost always found in the center of every galaxies. Black holes have enormous gravitational pull that they suck everything that gets near them, even light itself. They even have a cool name for that area where you start to feel your getting sucked into that black whirlpool, scientists call it the event horizon.. cool huh. We have one big black hole in the center of our milky way. I think black holes are doorways to hell, when you die and you really are very very bad, like Pol Pot or Hitler or the Son of Sam kind of bad, you get to hitch a ride on a cometlike light beam and takes you straight to that black hole into hell. That's what I think. Now that I've found the doorway to hell, you may ask where heaven is, my theory is that heaven is a separate place from our universe. Remember there are multiple universes and the source of every existence has to be separate from everything.

As you can very well see by now.. I'm a frustrated astronomer. I've been intrigued by space since I learned to look up and point at the moon. I have trouble pinpointing constellations so I make up my own constellations. My favorite is that big kite I always see when I'm stargazing. Thinking about the universe makes me feel really really small, almost a grain of sand compared to how big the universe is. It gives me a sense of awe and wonder about everything that surrounds us. Did you know that the iron and other minerals in our body came from exploding stars in distant galaxies? How awesome is that. We are interconnected with everything, even those stars that we see at night, they are a part of us... really. So once in a while, in our hectic smoky fast paced hellish traffic ridden world, we should step back and look and appreciate everything. Just like what John Lennon said... I'm just here watching the wheel turn round and round.

19th-Sep-2008 11:13 am - Ciao Migelo!!


Everyone likes travelling. Try to ask someone working an 8-5 job and they'll tell you that they would prefer to be somewhere far from the urban jungle at this moment, they would go to the beach or to a mountain resort. I am not an exception, I would grab any opportunity to escape and to be free of everything else for two or three days.

This is not a travel journal, I am not a travel guru nor a seasoned backpacker. I am not going to talk like I'm the lonely planet host. No, I'm more of the Anthony Bourdain guy when I go places. I want everything to be real... real and honest. I would consider most of my trips or travels to be wacky, I don't intend anything to be funny... no, it just turns out that way. That's why I wanted to write about it. You must understand that I'm not really a wacky guy, usually I'm serious and my face has that serious feature which I sometimes hate.


When I was in college, I joined the mountaineering club. My first climb was somewhere in Batangas, it was an initiation climb so they say. I entered this club together with my friends thinking that when I go climbing, they would be there with me. But they did not show up and I got a li'l bit pissed that I would be going with people I hardly even knew. Yes the climb was okay, the people were okay but.... it was just okay. My point is, half of the success of travelling is being with the people you want to be with. It isn't all about the destination, its about getting there with the people who are as crazy as you.

I have two cuzin's, Rainbow and Reggae, who visits Manila almost once a year now. They are my travel companions. Those guys have lots of experiences when it comes to travelling, one of them has actually backpacked through India and went to Goa alone. They are not only my cuzins, they are my best buddies... We share the same passion for many things and even if they spent most of their life in Europe, strange as it may seem, our sense of humor is the same. It must be in the blood.


Show me the map of the Philippines and I'll tell you I'm looking at the image of a dog trying to stand up on its hind leg. Thats how I always imagined it since i was a kid. Rainbow, my cuzin, was looking at the map and pointing at the front leg of the dog. It would be my first time in Palawan and I was so excited. We planned our itinerary and we agreed that we would stay a couple of days in Puerto Princessa, we would like to see that underground river, then travel northward to Port Barton and make a stop there for a day or two. Then we go straight up to El Nido and then to Coron. We didn't know how long it would take us there so we only took a one way plane ticket, all five of us.

I always dread going to the old domestic airport. The guards were grumpy and it was too small and so cramped with people. I remember years ago, I asked this airport staff about some directions and he made a very very rude remark about how foolish I was not to see it. Man I was so pissed I didn't even have time to snap back at him with a witty but equally rude remark. He went off hurriedly into the crowd and I was left with my mouth hung half open wondering what the shit did he say. I was alone that time so that made it even worse. But I was so glad that we took the PAL flight cos it means we're boarding on the Centennial airport. I was hoping that the rude airport staff was still working in the old airport, his sunny disposition wouldn't fit the new airport.

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